Cannibal ft. Truth & RawT (Prod. by Asa B)

from by Keon Supreme

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Fuck these niggas. These niggas ain't shit. They didn't put in half the work you put in. I see nothing but bait. Any nigga in your path from this day on, you eat his ass alive.

Watch you words when you talk about me
niggas hope for the worse but they could never doubt me
'cause they know what they don't got, I got
the pressure's on and you pop
homie you jump in the air and you flop
nigga I keep going going, you stop
you got that envy up in yo bones nigga
I know you do
everytime I p-p-perform these songs nigga
I see it in you
what should I do, huh, should I try to stay humble
maybe just try to stick to myself
I was doing that anyway all day
and damn niggas still wanna fuck with me but
fuck it nigga this the shoes that i'm in
everybody wanna know what's happening
in my heart and in my soul
'cause I keep secrets only God knows
yup, recognize Sun King bitch
i'm a leader bitch on my Brady shit
quarterback the whole team get them to the goal
make the industry money, i'm the favorite, uh
Jah protect them, I don't really wanna go off
but I will
Man this feeling I hate to feel
wouldn't be the first time I had to kill bill
put em on a plate, ima eat em up
cannibal nigga nigga I don't give a fuck
Jealous ass niggas in here talking tough
Give me the mic ima shut them up

Truth: Pass me his heart
RawT: Take this shit MF
Truth: Pass me his soul
RawT: eating all these MF rappers and shit
Truth: His brain is delicious

Ima God to these niggas
ima problem for niggas
ima MF symbol eye of Ra on these niggas
Yo fans thought you were something until you saw me
I'm that life changing, life saving, Keon Supreme
I got nightmares of killing and dreams of healing
Gotta go through so much and this is just the beginning
but I trained for this, craziness
Read just about every book I could
so in war time i'm confident
matter fact I wish a nigga would fuck with us
that's dangerous, hold up are you stupid
what you thinkin?
I was gon let you come in the game and try to make a name while my shit here stinkin
oh no no no thats not the way this story goes
listen to the words and I hope you know
I got the power to take your soul

I'm a cannibal so feed me all these rappers
One eye on the triangle, I just became a master

Man, i'm fuckin hungry my ribs touchin
so what is you talking 'bout
saying we ain't got no food nigga what
hold up, we got you
grab this nigga, chop his ass up
put him a pot, b-boil him up
put him on a plate, I create, watch how I do
hmmm human stew
I was put on this earth to bring change
change the whole world not not to bring pain
so God what do I do when the politics of the game
got me going insane
should I just sit here and let em take shots
do me like Jesus nail me on a fuckin cross
or should I stand up, man up, go to war
prove to the whole world WTF i'm fighting for
Man I'm just tryna set yall free
live life right and you mad at me
all because i'm living my destiny
I am who i'm supposed to be, yea
I got a MF passion for christ
so I promise I ain't going out like my nigga
you can try to kill me pull them triggas
but I live forever my name remember

I'm coming for you, we coming for you
It's in your blood nigga. Since birth. Since we was in the same car crash as our momma's was pregnant. We worked out together. You deserve this, I deserve this. MVP nigga. They gon envy we. They can't stop us. We at the point of no return. You a Hall. This a dynasty, you a king.


from Be Still, released October 31, 2011
Written by Keon Hall, Truth, and RawT



all rights reserved


Keon Supreme Pomona, California

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