I'm Not Perfect (Prod. by Ben Bauer)

from by Keon Supreme

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It's time to listen
not to me but to the voice inside saying
"you can do better" we can change this world together
this is just an open letter to the people that are like me
staring at the task ahead failure is unlikely
it's like we, came from the same womb
under the same weather we affected by the same gloom
assuming the position that was given
we didn't fit in the beat so we changed the whole rhythm
this is the beginning of your mental evolution
becoming a better person thats a human revolution
I see you
Welcome to a new society of men and women
who living to be the best that they can be
It's real
changing yourself isn't easy but it can be done
when you do just imagine what you might see, yea

A perfect world is impossible
and thats the whole genius of this God damn obsticle
we'll always have something to work towards, strive for
you've been lied to
you don't gotta look out, the power is inside you
know you hear it in my voice, recognize my energy
idk just where to go but I promise I will eventually
This just ain't no shit to me
promise everything I say is real
from track 1 to this 1
everything said I really feel
I really believe this shit, I really think this is it
This one is for the books believing is all it took
I know it's kind of scary but please don't be shook
keep your eyes on the prize don't be afraid to look
to the man, who's following his dreams
they don't understand, how you can
so don't be mad at me when I get it I ain't no dummy
I'm just tryna be who I am, don't take it from me
i'm just tryna be a great man, don't fucking judge me
'cause i'm just tryna be a great man but...
I'm not perfect.


from Be Still, released October 31, 2011
Written by Keon Hall



all rights reserved


Keon Supreme Pomona, California

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