Monster's Ball (Prod. by Ben Bauer)

from by Keon Supreme

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Get up, get dressed, you and your girls are going out tonight

Uh, looking good, as you should
tonight is the night yo ex man gon wish he would
have kept you oh but he didn't
now you and your girls is out screaming good riddance
yeah, he should have listened
if he did you wouldn't be gone
bet that nigga all alone while you screaming
This my song
This one's for all the girls who've had their heart broken
by their sponsors now they turning into monsters
yeah eat him up, act like you don't give a fuck
show him that you had enough
tell him that he pressed his luck
who the hell he think he was
treated you like a regular bitch
all up in his own world, so damn selfish
I know 'cause I was him but not no more
ladies be free as a bird, wanna see you soar
this is your world this is your night
be free, live it right

Monsters Ball
You got something going for you

You got it, uh uh, you got it
you was looking for some love and i'm thinking that you found it in me
do you like what you see
baby i'm an alchemist, I can turn you into gold
in less than 3
seconds take away all you aching just with a conversation
imagine what my sex game could do
heal you, feel you, I understand your pain
but baby you all alone so you need to stand the rain
by yourself
you don't need no help, stand up on your own two
if you look inside yourself you can find the queen in you
first thing that you need to do, stop accepting bullshit
put some value on your soul and you need to mean it
girl you're royalty you need to live it
but I don't want to preach
Just want you to reach
To the top and get there
'cause thats were you belong


Move your hips baby, bounce that ass girl
hypnotize me 'cause i'm watch you, yea
you got a style of your own, little girl grown
make a nigga wanna say I do
and yes I do wanna feel up on you
maybe wanna lick up on you
what is that you sippin on
would you like some more patron
drink it up, baby I can't get enough of
your potential and what you could possibly be
I got a thing for greatness and in you I see
a seed that if watered can become a beautiful tree
the power is in you, yes it's all in you
and now that you know about it baby what you gon do



from Be Still, released October 31, 2011
Written by Keon Hall
Additional Vocals by Megan Garcia



all rights reserved


Keon Supreme Pomona, California

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