(R​)​Evolution (Prod. by Ben Bauer)

from by Keon Supreme

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I need you to believe

I don't want to lie
I just want to be the man i'm suppose to be whenever you say the time is right
I don't want to die
but if that's the only way we can get to the next level then i'll give my life
I think we can fly
we can do anything if we put our mind to it we can reach the sky
people wonder why
i'm always working so hard 'cause it's bigger than music
it's about you and I
It's about the tribe, 'bout the people
the messiah need a sequel
come talk with me, I can teach you
have your mind so cerebral, huh
open up your mind, wtf you thinking 'bout
we living in different times this the shit you read about
in the bible but this one's called survival
learn from the past shit if we got to then get tribal
better start finding your soul 'cause i'm telling you
this the time you need, no blood in vain if you bleeding
people you better believe it
this that

Revolution, Evolution, Wallahee

My number 1 goal is to lead ths world to a pot of gold
I ain't talking 'bout money man i'm talkin 'bout your soul
Now you know where you can go if you follow your heart
Listen to the God in you people this your start
don't stop, keep running, keep running, keep running
running x8 Go
Like you never ran before
this old world is chasing you
time for a new world man that shit is overdue
i'm just trying to tell the truth
i'm just trying to make it through
i'm just trying to change your whole life when i'm in this booth
hopefully i'm getting through
into you and you and you
It matters I promise everything you say and what you do, yea
People we got the power
to make a change wallahee I evolve every hour
now or never it's your choice
to live your life in vain or make the Earth rejoice
it's on you, this is true you gotta be real
before you know where you can go you gotta be still
so what i'm saying is people gotta learn to feel
and when they do you can find anything in you
Navy Seal, this is that


I come in peace, Christians.
I come in peace, Muslims.
I come in peace, Jews.
I come in peace, 5%'s
I come in peace, Masons.
I come in peace, illuminati.
I come in peace, for the whole world.


from Be Still, released October 31, 2011
Written by Keon Hall
Additional Vocals by Asa B, Megan Garcia, and Derek Bergheimer



all rights reserved


Keon Supreme Pomona, California

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