Wendy (Prod. by Ben Bauer)

from by Keon Supreme

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Hey, so, you've been going in and out of my life for a while now. And I was thinking that maybe, maybe, you should just stay. I mean only God knows what's going to happen between you and I but honestly I want to see for myself. But I can't do that if you keep disappearing on me, you know what I'm saying. I mean, it's like, you here one day and then you gone the next. Man, you remind me of something.. Just like the wind.

Damn, you caught me off guard
I'm liking what i'm seeing 'cause i'm looking at a star
all I wanna know is where the hell have you been
here one day then you gone like the wind
but I guess I like that about you
been a crazy year don't know what I'd do without you
smiles on my face when I see your phone call
my heart skips a beat, you got me feeling raw
but we can never grow if we always disappear
but that interfere with game i'm spittin in your ear
baby come here, we gettin kind of closer
you don't gotta front i'm in the back like Rosa
parked in your mind, you lookin kind of fine
baby give me some time and we'll be fine like wine
Girl it's not a crime, and I don't want to play
you like a warm summer breeze on a cold winter day
I say

(Just like the Wind girl, Just like the wind)
I just wanna see, what's it like with the wind blowing on me
What's it gon be, i'm loving this feeling when you blowing on me

Girl, I got a feeling
I can change your whole world if you let me fill in, you filling
Girl, I'm just kidding
or maybe i'm not but that's depending if you willing
to let me get up in it
people wanna know what's happening cuz im winning
but yo i'm just chillin, waiting for wind girl to disappear again
gotta watch my step cuz I think i'm kind of feeling you
Granddad warn me how women like you do
Smiling in your face, g-girl I got you hypnotized
lookin in my eyes and i'm hypnotized too
been a while girl, see you gettin thick in them hips
and them dips and its bliss on yo lips when we kiss
and when we had that kiss, thats when we stopped
smart choice now is not the time maybe when it's hot



from Be Still, released October 31, 2011
Written by Keon Hall
Additional Vocals by Ben Bauer



all rights reserved


Keon Supreme Pomona, California

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