Tierra (Prod. by Asa B)

from by Keon Supreme

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I know a girl and she like me
but for her to get my attention that was so unlikely
i'm on a mission, so I don't care 'bout these girls
but this girl brought something that was missing yea
she's down to earth, don't care 'bout money
she knows her worth, want nothing from me
she gives me a feeling that I can't explain
my world is getting crazy and she helps with the pain
now she all up in my brain, yo where you come from
girl you got me feeling like you the earth and i'm the Sun
Be Still she say Be Still
you see my Earth girl always know how to make me feel
girl you got what I need I hope I get it
and you know just what I mean I hope you with it
you'll always have a place in my heart when this is done
let's take it slow baby 'cause our time has just begun yea

I know you mean well, this is for my real girl
the one that understands me and everything I do
You can do your thing girl, just follow your dreams girl
and you can acheive girl, I believe in you.

Can I trust you?
Yes, you can trust me

I wake up and see your face
this is a feeling that I can't replace
You gotta work to be great, yea
life is a marathon, i'm trying to win the race
and it's so hard questioning, if I can trust the
girl that I'm laying with 'cause I can't get enough of
all the shit she saying and everything she do
cuz I know that's what I need so I hope the shit is true
one of us is gon get hurt, I got a feeling
this is a big risk that we taking girl so are you willing
to be with a man with a potential that has no ceilings
you down to earth but i'm so high up
'bout to make a killing tell me what you feeling

Well can I trust you
I mean.. ya you can trust me

Ok conversations 'bout the riches
and if I go on tour am I gon be fucking other bitches
Idk, if shit changes maybe so
i'm just tryna be me and be free no matter where I go
now you know
had a long talk with my earth girl last night
said ima cop a gold chain and she told me that that wasn't right
said she don't want me to get lost in the money
and its funny 'cause I was thinking the same thing
but i'm tired of being bummy
so, what's a man to do
i'm just tryna get what I can but stay true
i'm just tryna be a great man and make it through
and not have to worry 'bout another man getting next to you
so now she wanna know if we should let go
or stay right here
but Idk 'cause i'm never controlled by my fears
so we should just stop living in the future and live in the present
and if it goes bad, I hope we learn our lesson


I'm just an old soul, I wonder how far we can go
I sing it like La Da Da Da
then it go Ha Ha Ha


from Be Still, released October 31, 2011
Written by Keon Hall and Asa B
Additional Vocals by Asa B and Chile Chumble



all rights reserved


Keon Supreme Pomona, California

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