by Keon Supreme

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This album was written by Keon Supreme from the ages 18 to 20 years old. It's purpose to be an introduction into the mind of a new artist and a new generation. All we ask is that you open your mind and hearts to new ideas and lastly to believe.


released July 26, 2010

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Executive Producer: Keon Supreme

Mixed by: Avi The Most ILL

Mastered by: Joe Reza III

Cover Art: Sebastian Karim

Photography: Veronica Sequeira

Recorded/Engineered at:
Avi The Most Ill Studio, West Covina, CA



all rights reserved


Keon Supreme Pomona, California

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Track Name: Intro (Prod. by Ben Bauer)
(It was a nightmare)

Keon Supreme… Hello.
This is my first album simply called SUPREME
Who do you believe in?
Shit, you have to believe in yourself
Don’t let no one tell you that you can’t
Not even yourself
Close your mother F*cking eyes
And see the light

(Ladies and Gentlemen without a safety net. I shall now perform a 180 flip flop)
Track Name: The Flow (Prod. by Jansport J)
Y'all nigga's need to get your fiddle game up… What’s up with your fiddle?
Bounce come on bounce. Bounce come bounce. Yea!
Keon Supreme mother f*cker
I got the (Flow)

Y'all nigga's ain't f*cking with us.

Verse 1:
Its just Keon Supreme and the homie Jansport
I’m ‘bout to kill these mother f*ckers I’m like Kobe on the court
Get your bottles pop the cork, I’m like coke ‘cuz when you snort
I get all up in your brain got you thinking you insane
Man, its crazy thinking about it how this earth I’m ‘bout to change
Cold hearted nigga’s ain’t the same ‘cuz the flame
Got the power, got the knowledge, I’m Supreme, I’m the king
Go without me watch your heart beat like a fiend’s
(Where you from)
Claremontian I’m mobbing in
Straight out the village that’s the first place you find me in
Bitches catching feelings, don’t know why I just be chillin
Man I swear to God if I was pimpin I would make a killin
So watch me make a killin off this rap shit, bitch nigga’s they back flip
Cov’ Original yo that’s the click you need to fuck with
I’m something like an honorary member, remember my name
When I’m dead and gone celebrate the day that I came

Everything changed when the millennium came man
Music ain’t the same think we all need the blame
So what you come here for?
Hold up I know I think the people want somebody to flow
And I got them just takes a minute for Supreme to be on them
They’ve been itching for a nigga with talent to get some stardom
I got the (Flow)

And Ima give them what they want (uh-huh)

Verse 2:
Ay yo I’m back at uhhh do this shit for fun
Left and came back yo I’m the prodigal son
I got believers and grievers, got disciples and teachers
Got a punch to make your nose bleed like up top bleachers
They wanna pay for features but yo I give it for free
Just want people to hear my voice man that’s all I need
Yo hip-hop I breathe, since I turned 13
And then I met Ginsu, he put me on his team, One Love
Stairway to heaven homie I’m above
I’m a fucking oxymoron a black dove
Been through a lot of shit, but yo who hasn’t
I’m rapping happy that we all got a story to tell
So be proud of yourself, because you’re still breathing
Lot of our people done died, committed suicide
I and I, we keep pushin
On the way to the top, y’all rappers just cushions


One last time for the new believers nigga

Verse 3:
Close your eyes and picture the scenery, friends turn enemies
Now you all alone but you thinking that you shouldn’t be
You lookin in that mirror, your past can’t remember
Because now all you see is your future
No longer a loser to the people holding you back through that deuce up
Keep my shit rollin nigga lug nut
I don’t give a fuck, if it ain’t about music I ain’t listenin
If it is game on two cent’s I’m pitchin in
Rolling up, to the offices thinking I’m gonna run this shit
Smoking them, J’s in the parking lot ‘fore I walk back in
I love this shit, I’m making it, I’m doing it by myself
All I had was inspiration, didn’t really have no help
So one time for myself, I’m proud of you kid
Brings a tear to my eye thinking about what you did
I bet that this y’all shit and I hope y’all know
When y’all looking for the flow homie know where to go
Cuz I got it

Chill my nigga, hold up
If y’all nigga’s ain’t know, it’s SUPREME
And we bouncin’
Long Sleeve McGee out this mother f*cker
Track Name: Love Me Again (Prod. by Seven 4)
This one’s for her, the most beautiful woman in the world
She raised two boys into men, but no one ever said that we was gonna be perfect
(Tears) So I’m sorry if I ever disappointed you
(Tears) and I’m sorry if hearing this hurts you
(Tears) But I need to say how I feel

Tears down my eyes momma watch me cry
Can’t believe that you would force me to lie to you
Can’t you accept me mom I’ll die for you
Cut me some f*ckin slack momma ‘cuz I tried for you, Yes it’s true
Filled up my head with scarf’s on your head
Talk to me mommy, I gotta force you to love me
Back in the day, you would never put nothing before me
And now its like you don’t know, yo wtf you don’t know me
I came out your fucking puss, on the 21st 1989
You wouldn’t let me go but now to hold me it’s a crime
Watch the change of time, remember you told me
I didn’t need no one else because you were my daddy and mommy
Now I’m so lonely, wanting a relationship
With a woman that don’t want me because I’m not in service
Don’t you dare take that tone with me
‘Cuz I would never do to you what you doing to me
This for my mom

Y’all don’t even know how much that took out of me
Yea, this for my mother, I love ya

Damn, Please, got me on my knees
I just want my mommy to love me
I just want my mommy to love me
I just want my mommy to love me again
Track Name: 24Hr Quik-E Mart Feat. Kaleem "Sincere" Wasif (Prod. by Ginsu)
Verse 1 (Keon Supreme):
Crusin down the back avenue
Bumped into Sin, hey hm, how are you
Me I’m just chillin nigga, you know how I do nigga
Nigga’s still killin nigga’s, ain’t nothin new nigga
Right nigga?

Verse 2 (Kaleem “Sincere” Wasif)
You right but alright nigga, kill them on the mic
Nigga, higher than a kite, now it’s time to take flight
I ain’t comin down, right my name on a cloud
So profound, for the love of this sound
I’m getting down

Verse 3 (Keon Supreme)
Hold up, I had to tell a bitch to fall back
Commitment is like a synonym for doing crack
Love is for pussies and I don’t love them I fuck them
Fuck that I’m Frontin
I be fallin in love faster than virgin fuckin somethin
Ima California weed puffin, I need nothin
People look to me to hope in something, believe something
Stupid people dumb nigga’s, worry ‘bout yourself
Too much pride, I ain't askin for no help homie

Verse 4 (Kaleem “Sincere” Wasif)
Yo Supreme, peace God, what’s the word
Look up in the sky it’s a plane it’s a bird
Nah we be them guys that elevate you with the words
That’s why a nigga stayin his lane, Ima merge
Side B, find me, where ever the rhyme be
Keon Supreme and I go by Kaleem
Sincere with the flow, last name Wasif
I’m looking to the sun so I’m praying to the east like Peace

Verse 5 (Keon Supreme)
Y’all nigga’s ain’t fuckin with that, Supreme new black
In they heart they feel that, How-he-f*ckin-do-that
I’m the realest rapper rapping you ain’t heard about me
I’m that back breakin, always flakin, nigga from the C

Verse 6 (Kaleem “Sincere” Wasif)
Peace to the G’s, peace to my peeps
Peace to the Cov’, that’s where you can find me
Funk L, Sean Wyze, P. Force, and Supreme
This mic is like crack and I’m something like a fiend

Verse 7 (Keon Supreme)
It’s the dream that makes the man
I ain’t flashin in your pan
I ain’t ever dosing off, I’m stay awake as long as I can
4 A.M. here I am, rippin shit, again and again
Grandma told me go to sleep, Gran please don’t bother me
I father me, Immaculate Conception resting in peace
I ain’t dead nigga I’m at your table bout to feast
See your tribe call me chief, I’m changing nigga’s beliefs
Better listen when I speak that’s my word K.Supreme
All day

All Day

Avi all day

Sincere all day

(And we comin like)
Peace, War
Track Name: LNW (Prod. by Seven 4)
Verse 1:
Who needs skin when your soul bleeds, huh
How can you sin when you don’t believe, tell me
Yo am I crazy ‘cuz I’m walking, by myself I’m talking
Arrogance is at its peak even God couldn’t stop me
But truthfully, I’m feeling like he is on my side
Honestly without him I don’t think I could survive
Got so comfortable, it’s so easy for me to lie
So emotionless, it’s so hard for me to cry
Until I saw this black queen sleeping
Behind a trash can, by herself, alone dreaming
I starting screaming, recognized the face of that woman right there
Somebody’s mom homeless, I had to drop a tear

My mommy

My skin is like a map, where my heart has been
(I had to drop a tear)
And I can’t hide the marks, it’s not a negative thing
(Late Night Walk)
So I let down my guard, drop my defenses, down by my clothes
(Come on, Come on)
I'm learning to fall, with no safety net, to cushion the blow
(I, Yea)

Verse 2:
How can you see ( C ) when you won’t be ( B )
Who need feet when you won’t flee
They say it’s easy to quit and I say that’s bullshit
Especially when you try and try but it’s not working
But you love, you had plans for the future
You thought you found gold so its hard to picture losing her
But you keep on bruising her, and you know it’s true
You wasted her time, know she deserves better than you

My baby

My skin is like a map, where my heart has been
(I had to drop a tear)
And I can’t hide the marks, it’s not a negative thing
(I’m sorry)
So I let down my guard, drop my defenses, down by my clothes
(Come on, Come on)
I'm learning to fall, with no safety net, to cushion the blow
(I, Yea)

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave, like a love heart carved on a tree
I bruise easily, can't scratch the surface without moving me
I bruise easily, I bruise easily

Verse 3:
How can you win when you’re scared to lose
You miss life when you don’t choose
Never do what they do, roots crew told me so
Quit a million times in my head and y’all never know
I told her baby let me go, I’m going places you can’t come
Got time for one girl and I’m sorry you not the one
The time has come, Survey says that I gotta be alone
I know it’s kind of hidden but the respect is shown
Track Name: The Struggle (Prod. by Ben Bauer)
“And Jesus prayed, that God’s name should be sanctified. And his kingdom shall come. And his will be done on Earth as it is done in heaven. So one of the purposes of that Millennium Jesus Christ is to SING”

We all struggle, we all go through it
Let me tell you about mine
The struggle in my head that’s in my life

Verse 1:
I breath in God, I exhale the devil
I’m hip-hop and jazz dipped in heavy metal
I got beliefs that cut priest to pieces
I make 12 apostles question Jesus
Now what’s my thesis, it’ll blow your brain up
To stuck in old tradition’s God damn y’all nigga’s been missing out
Bitching out, not letting your brain go, but I got the flow
How it go, I’m something like Biggie I’m unbelievable

I mean did you hear the flow? Shits impeccable

And I bet they can’t stand me
I’m getting props from Claremont to Miami
Gladly, will I pay fame to make change
And have y’all call me crazy maybe insane
But this is my brain and I control, your too weak to hold it
I’m like the clay that God molded
Yo Pac quoted that he wouldn’t be the change just influence the seed
Well I guess that seed grew up and became me, SUPREME

Dreams, we all have them
I hope you know they’re reachable, just gotta stretch and grab them
Ya, I know this life is hard but we gotta keep going
We’re tearing at the seams, I pray to God y’all keep sowing
‘Cuz we’re staring at the finish line
The sight is beautiful, I feel for you if your blind
But you can feel it on your skin, man the way it shine
Hold my hand, we’re almost there at the finish line
It’s almost time

You see that? Let’s go

Verse 2:
I wanna take you higher
I want to be your dreams, your release, your fire
Want us to teach the world, also to learn from it
Reach, to the stars go far, and then promote peace
My generation is like Greece, we’re geniuses we think
Ain’t no fear in our souls, we go, we don’t blink
Our grandmothers and grandpa’s we’re either hippies or panthers
They tried to burn that whole book but we’re bout to open that chapter
Now read
Ya, they plant the seed, and we f*ckin grew
Into the tree of life, we are the truth
I love my country man I swear to God I do
But sometimes it’s so hard to like you
Look at what you do to us, you put us in cuffs
Mother F*ckers we’re your children, you want us to bomb buildings
You refuse to listen you’re holding out
And instead of giving in you want us to blow our brains out
And yet still

Chorus 2:
You sit there and wonder why we pop pills
And why we’re hesitant to make a deal
America I thought your love was real
Now I see it in your eyes that your trying to
Kill us, Hurt us, Break us, Don’t trust us
Liars, Cheaters, You hate us, The strugglers

This world is so f*cked up man. Its like every time we turn around there’s something new that we gotta go through. It’s a constant struggle just being alive… If it’s not one thing, it’s another. But I’m beginning to see the beauty in all this. I’m starting to see that struggling is helping me to appreciate life more. It’s like what my boy Stakz told me. He said good things take time and the best things don’t come easy…and that’s the truth right there. I think life is like this because when you work hard for something and you scratch and claw to reach your goal and then you finally achieve it, it tastes that much sweeter. I think we were giving this world in this condition because whatever created us want us to work hard to fix it so that when we do we can really appreciate it. And I do believe that we can change the world and I don’t think we need to wait on some day of destruction and mass murder for us to achieve that goal. I just think that we all need to work together as one and focus on our similarities instead of focusing on our differences. But what the fuck do I know?
Track Name: Life's Not Fair (Prod. by Seven 4)
How y’all doing out there? I’d like to thank you for your purchase. Or should I say… thank you for accepting this gift. Yea.

Verse 1:
How different the world would be if someone died
We didn’t cry, instead we got happy
How different you think we’d be
If there was no slavery, and white people’s hair was nappy
I don’t really know but I know I never will
All I know that in this world sometimes it don’t feel real
Like hearing that the homie’s mom died
While I’m sitting here calling my mom’s a bitch
Why I deserve mine?

Seem like God doesn’t care, he ain’t there
F*ck fear, I ain’t scared, because life is not fair
It seem like God doesn’t care, he aint there
F*ck fear, I ain’t scared, because life is not fair

Verse 2:
If everything bad makes us happy
Then why the fuck do y’all keep sayin that God is good
Because you should and y’all nigga’s scared to think
Like a gun pointed at you, nigga scared to blink, Don’t Miss, Don’t Miss
All you nigga’s thinkin that you’re missing out
You think I’m great well that’s what the fuck you’re right about
But you don’t know that I’m hated because of what I write about
Depending on the day I can’t even walk in my momma’s house
You know I’m out, ya but you don’t know I’m fucked up in the head
Most the time I’m alive I’m wishing that I was dead
I need some meds, ya, give me some of that government drug
The kind of drug you don’t ever get off of

Same + Humming

Hold on… What the Fuck

Verse 3:
Yo, Yo what you lookin at nigga?
Yea I talk to myself but why you listen nigga?
Yea I walk by myself but why you follow nigga?
Yea I got a girl but sometimes I don’t remember
I’m a sinner, I’m a winner, I’m a loser all in one
Different in each eye, depends on what you’re looking from
Some call me dumb, never mind only been called dumb by my mom
She use to kick my brother out, I felt like I was the only son, No I ain’t done
Ya nigga, better keep on walking
Preacher say “Stop cursing” and I say “F*ckin f*ckin”
You don’t want to f*ck, with a nigga like like me
Cuz the chances he is sane is unlikely
I got the soul of a demon
They say I’m possessed but that ain’t what the fuck I’m meaning, I’m steaming
For nothing I’m feeling like I’m fiending
Reality is crazy so imagine what I’m dreaming
Track Name: Burn Slow (Prod. by Ginsu)
So, I see when I come at you. You kind of hesitate. Its probably because you’re hearing things you know what I’m saying.

You probably heard

Verse 1:
That I’m a grimy nigga
I know I remind you of these other nigga’s
But trust me there’s a lot of differences when you go past the surface
Notice come here baby, I’ll show you that it’s worth it
Took me a whole year just to bag you, not even bag you
Just to get your attention, let me show you what you been missin
The lips you’ve been kissin, ain’t shit compared to mine
Why don’t you try them out, change your mind in no time
NO, fine I can wait for you
What’s another two months we’ve been over due
And you know it’s true when I hold you I know you really want to beg for more
You know there’s room for you baby
You coming? All aboard.

God damn you so fine
Aw man this is crazy…. Probably because I’m crazy about you

Verse 2:
Wow, we’ve come so far
Look at us, kissing in front of friends
Man I don’t want this to end
The feeling I’m feeling when inside of your body
Makes me feel like I popped a pill because I’m feeling like I’m
(Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling)
Damn are you a triple stack
Chris Brown give me that
I love the way we front “Nah homie yo we just friends”
Not ‘cuz we ashamed we just don’t’ want you in our business nigga
Swear you’re just like me
Similar situations has shaped us into something unique
I can be myself around you I can say what I want
And you gon listen to me whether you agree or you don’t
I guess it never hurts to dream
‘Cuz in my dream you was the girl I always seen
Hope I don’t wake up, Hope I never wake up
Damn I just can’t get enough
You like a blunt that’s laced up.

You got me High

And your still so fine.
Burn Slow baby, you know you gotta burn slow
I hope it last.
Track Name: Half-Baked feat. Mischief Merc and Ginsu (Prod. by Ginsu)
Slang City
My name is Keon Supreme, but you probably already know that
Tell them, tell them


Verse 1 (Keon Supreme):
Smooth as a baby’s bottom, ya I got em
Marijuana bout the only thing that solve my problems
At least take my mind off, when I come up short like sawed off’s
Broke as fuck and wasted off this Popov
Room spinning, cursing out my girl like
“I don’t know who that is calling me, so why you trying to bother me?”
The phone rings again, and she picks it up
“Who the fuck is this?!” The other line hangs up
And now she’s fuckin pissed but wait she already was
This is what she does, it’s hard to give a fuck
Or stay down when you’re so fucking fucked up
Sniff the soft white but your life still tough
The money that you got paid just wasn’t enough
Can’t even make minimum payments the bills they pile up
In a word filled with pleasure and pain, proudness and shame
Its so hard to remain sane, so I get

Half Baked, Inside

Verse 2 (Mischief Merc):
Lord knows it’s a smoke out
Pillz got that, I’m about to cough my throat out
Off scene, back on, just another dope route
Know bout, light till it goes out
I fight, till I go out, ma I just want a bite
and it poke out, nah she just want a light
She a pot head, reefer she go without
She’ll drop dead, cock fed bitch get the blues you are not red
Fuck around my bed, toxic, cater, its toxic
Locked up, Lock down, freedom was the object
Hate when I’m not round if mischief was a profit
Nigga's just talk it, dude come off it
I’m the shit and I’m hot, don’t this smell like chocolate
Been tied, so long I must get lifted inside
I’m inspired from my shoes to my pink eyes

Half Baked, Inside

Verse 3 (Ginsu):
The most underrated and most unappreciated
I kind of feel like I’m suffocating
I love my fam and my crew but
I kind of feel like a bruised cut
Still riding on a bus fair
Spit with the slang but I hardly feel a team player
And thank God that Merc got out
Supreme almost shut down and told Slang bounce
Gin’s getting grimy that’s the word that I heard of
Damn that broke my heart, I guess I didn’t do enough cuhz
But when I press record, I guess it’s all good stuff
Catch me behind the console of busy bee buzz
And I only feel apart of it
The other part of me don’t feel like shit
While the other part of me is still stuck at the bar
I’m just have a bar away of just crashing my car
Ooh I know I know I’m getting

Half Baked, Inside
Track Name: In Due Time Feat. Poetik Force (Prod. by Jansport J)
Intro (Poetik Force):
Crack head music, you know we in there
Swag music, you guys in there, are you in there
Ok, Yo I go by Poetik Force
Got Keon Supreme, West Covina, Jansport J

Verse 1 (Keon Supreme):
I told them Ima do me regardless
My hunger for success has made a nigga heartless
Working two jobs still skinny and I’m starving
On a new team and I’m still Brett Farving
Large and in charge, Question my perfection
And that’s too much to ask
Thought you learned your lesson
The last time you raised your hand
Now a nigga flexin, charismatic, automatic bitch stealin weapon
Click Click Boom!
My momma told me I was doomed when I stop serving Jehovah
Weed got me paranoid, now I’m looking over shoulders
Shrooms got me feeling like I’m God, liquor brings me down
Rollercoaster please stop, damn
There ain’t shit that can stop me
And only God can tell if God really loves me
If not go to hell
I’ll take your spot daddy, where’s your thrown, like your chair
Looking at my watch and tell them that its time for me to get there

Yea, you know its (Time for us to get there)
The whole world knows it (Time for us to get there)
Yea everybody yo its (Time for us to get there)
Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Boom

Verse 2 (Poetik Force)
Ay yo the time is going by and the clock is always tickin
Money, power, respect, in this life is how we livin
And its time to reach the heaven gates, flyin high in the states
Time for us to get it and put these fuckin rappers in they place
The stakes are high either you fall or you rise
Either you broke or serving pies
Or working 9 to 5
From the block to Barbados, Euro, money and Peso’s
All about the masterminds, dreams you never fake those
I take souls and heal them for the love of this music shit
I’ve been through it all from the hills to the sewages
Ooh it is Poetik Force still blowin trees
Keys keys open doors
Open the lock and you will see
The two rhyme spitters on the M.I.C
The 9-0-9 to the C-O_V
Better believe we getting hot we the flame to the flair
And fuck checking clock yo its time for us to get there



Verse 3 (Poetik Force):
Ay yo we up on this mic, yo your boy is so coo
Bust a move, can’t stop, won’t stop, feel the groove
Get loose, ride the rhythm, high your killin
Emcees ain’t no tomorrow, I gotta pop a bottle
Wait, scratch it like a lotto, I gotta pop a model
Full throttle like sheesh, you know we’re gone in the wind
Blunts in the sky, get them high, juice and gin
Time to win on the way to the top mother f*cker

Verse 4 (Keon Supreme)
I had a dream last night, about a bitch in white
Getting fucked all night, because her pussy so tight
She say she want to do right, But she always does wrong
Say she on that club shit I said its time to change your song bitch
Time to move on to P.force and Keon
Tell them be gone ‘fore that ass get pissed on
Shit on, it was unknown that you were the one for me
Adore me and you stay a door right up the street
Slang City

Track Name: Now What? (Prod. by Ben Bauer)
I can’t, I need to, I need some F*cking money
I’m missing something… F*CK

Verse 1:
My insecurities eat me alive
Sometime I can’t help but to cry, no lie
I suggest you never think that I’m a good guy
‘Cuz after that baby I’ll break you
Don’t want to let you down, really want to build you up
But haven’t been trained in construction, see my love is not enough
I’m in explosion, waiting to happen yo let me rap this shit
Ask my psychologist, I’m not really into talking
‘Cuz talking won’t solve no problems
Explain to me how a conversation could ever get me a real father
It’s too late, I’m 20 years gone
But I hope that nigga feels every word of this song
So he can feel the pain of his absence, that pain that’s always present
Watch my success teach his ass a lesson


Now I know what you’re thinking
He’s a mother f*cking G, he’s a mother f*cking thug
From the West Coast probably he get that Pac love
California bud ya that weed with the fuzz
Call one of my bitches have them roll that shit up
Thinking that I’m addicted to all these f*cking drugs
Ya there’s something about the fame, I can’t, get enough, hold up

Ya there’s some things bad and there’s some things good
Keon Supreme
I’m the greatest if not now I’m going to be

I, look in that mirror nigga who the fuck is you
Now What?