Be Still

by Keon Supreme

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"Be Still" is a Hip-Hop album designed to inspire a generation to reconnect with their souls and individual truths.

Musical Inspirations: Watch The Throne, What's Going On, Voodoo, Nothing, Head Hunters, Hugh Masekela, Mark Ronsen & D'Angelo's "Glass Mountain Trust"


released October 31, 2011

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Executive Producers: Keon Hall and Asa B

Mixed and Mastered by: Derek Bergheimer

Cover Art: Asa B and Brandon Smith

Photography: Veronica Sequeira

Recorded/Engineered at:
DB Studios and Management Company, Pomona CA

Thank You's: My Creator, Marina Hall, James Taylor, Muna Hussein, Hibaaq Osman, Connor Eckert, Chessy Briones, Lindsay Rodriguez



all rights reserved


Keon Supreme Pomona, California

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Track Name: Nina ft. Phantom Thrett (Prod. by Mr. P)
Eve: Baby eat this..
Adam: Didn't God say we shouldn't eat from that tree
Eve: Baby just eat it..

You're my favorite liar
Ya girl you take me higher

I'll see what you want me to see, hey hey hey
I'll be what you want me to be, ya
Whatever it is babe...

Heat it up, heat it up
that's too much, girl you fucking too real
got me doing shit that I said I would never do
like sniffing cocaine, anal sex
bitch you are my greatest catch
go and disappear then come back like you never left
take away my every breathe
you are so stunning
always tell me leave it in when i'm 'bout to start coming
and you know we had to pay for that
so goes the story
I ain't wanna know the truth, uh, plato's allegory
your ex took the bullet for me, Thank you


Heat it up, heat it up
that's not enough girl you on fire
Ooh you got a grip on me... pliers
Your love runs right through me.. wires
and I don't even care if that style is retired
'cause this girl is all cream... dryers
I know you got your eye on me
even when you not looking
know you recognize me
aren't I so good looking
I can be all yours if you bow on your knees
If you looking for adventure I can give you what you need
so please
Cum with me

You'll see what I want you to see

And i'm what that is babe
why don't you come this way
we can play all day
do what I say, I do what you say
do you meditate 'cause that can guide us
get your lighter, light that drug up
'cause we can get higher, girl you fire
I hate that we fight, so lets not tonight
plus i'm feeling kind of horny and you looking right
lingerie all red, girl you in my head
and your anger excites girl get in my bed
but take back what you said
because it hurts when its true and its true
its true what you said was true


Almost like a dream girl. I guess what we had could of lasted if we weren't so hostile. But hey.. it is what it is. I mean we had some good times right? It just ended real bad. I'm sorry.. I just needed something to quench my thirst.
Track Name: SUPREME. (Prod. by Jansport J)
I'm the best ever. I'm the most brutal, vicious and most ruthless champion there's ever been. There's no one can stop me. I'm Alexander he's no Alexander. I'm the best ever. There's never been anybody as ruthless. There's no one like me, i'm from there cloth. There's no one that can match me. My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable, and i'm just ferocious. I want your heart, I want to eat his children. Praise be to Allah.

I'm the best ever
no one can stop me
I'm Alexander
there's no one like me

Peace nigga ya i'm bringing peace nigga
but if you want war nigga all that shit can change
see if you on my team nigga we about to feast but
if you on the other side boy I bring the pain
now I know you know my name where I come from
feeling like God's son
'bout to change the world when that MF time come
I'm on one, Drizzy
who here fucking with me
I'm running circles around you got niggas lookin silly
i'm a prince man my blood lines from Ancient Kemet
I'm in it, right next to the throne
and they tell me bring it home
I no longer feel alone, I got ancient spirits next to me
One God, one love, thank you for the blessings and
all the other bullshit I went through
they tried to change me, take me away from you
but I stood on my own two
and promised you i'll stay true
steadfast made it last and when they asked I told them that


People say I changed, I don't disagree
open up your eyes, this the new me
what's it gonna be are you gonna grow with me
or will you stay the same nigga
you a fuckin lame nigga
read a damn book man take care of your body
stop making mistakes instead of always saying sorry
I'm driving ferrari's in my mind
in your mind you thinking about nothing
that's why you ain't got nothing
need to get up, get out, and get you something
or something and stop talking about it
cuz we know that you frontin
ay yo your words mean nothing
my words they move
go ask my cousin Lil' Truth 'cause he know groove
It's time to show and prove
it's time to expose the truth
it's time to see who has the most power when he in the booth
and that man is me, I hope you remember
who's the greatest of them all
mirror mirror on the wall tell me


Every breathe I take i'm fulfilling prophecy
This a God written story homie you ain't stopping me
give a fuck about the door nigga
you ain't locking me out
talk shit, get hit, i'll sock you in yo fuckin mouth
without a doubt, I came here to conquer
to make people believe
so keep going until you reach your dreams
I mean you can't was a dirty house and stay clean
so don't call me Keon Hall, nigga
Call me SUPREME.
Track Name: Tierra (Prod. by Asa B)
I know a girl and she like me
but for her to get my attention that was so unlikely
i'm on a mission, so I don't care 'bout these girls
but this girl brought something that was missing yea
she's down to earth, don't care 'bout money
she knows her worth, want nothing from me
she gives me a feeling that I can't explain
my world is getting crazy and she helps with the pain
now she all up in my brain, yo where you come from
girl you got me feeling like you the earth and i'm the Sun
Be Still she say Be Still
you see my Earth girl always know how to make me feel
girl you got what I need I hope I get it
and you know just what I mean I hope you with it
you'll always have a place in my heart when this is done
let's take it slow baby 'cause our time has just begun yea

I know you mean well, this is for my real girl
the one that understands me and everything I do
You can do your thing girl, just follow your dreams girl
and you can acheive girl, I believe in you.

Can I trust you?
Yes, you can trust me

I wake up and see your face
this is a feeling that I can't replace
You gotta work to be great, yea
life is a marathon, i'm trying to win the race
and it's so hard questioning, if I can trust the
girl that I'm laying with 'cause I can't get enough of
all the shit she saying and everything she do
cuz I know that's what I need so I hope the shit is true
one of us is gon get hurt, I got a feeling
this is a big risk that we taking girl so are you willing
to be with a man with a potential that has no ceilings
you down to earth but i'm so high up
'bout to make a killing tell me what you feeling

Well can I trust you
I mean.. ya you can trust me

Ok conversations 'bout the riches
and if I go on tour am I gon be fucking other bitches
Idk, if shit changes maybe so
i'm just tryna be me and be free no matter where I go
now you know
had a long talk with my earth girl last night
said ima cop a gold chain and she told me that that wasn't right
said she don't want me to get lost in the money
and its funny 'cause I was thinking the same thing
but i'm tired of being bummy
so, what's a man to do
i'm just tryna get what I can but stay true
i'm just tryna be a great man and make it through
and not have to worry 'bout another man getting next to you
so now she wanna know if we should let go
or stay right here
but Idk 'cause i'm never controlled by my fears
so we should just stop living in the future and live in the present
and if it goes bad, I hope we learn our lesson


I'm just an old soul, I wonder how far we can go
I sing it like La Da Da Da
then it go Ha Ha Ha
Track Name: Wise Words (Prod. by Ben Bauer)
Let me go back and tell you what they did
before the hip-hop community came on the scene
they had, they call it rhythm and blues

Keon Supreme:
'Cause I feel like you got a lot of wisdom and you got a lot of knowledge and I look up to you Granddad

Well I got it son, I got that wisdom

Be Still man we always moving
it's like we in a rush and don't know what the hell we doing
Lets slow it down, I got dreams i'm pursuing
This is an open invitation to the greatest movement
that you will ever see
dedicated to the ones that came before you and me
so hopefully, when they're gone
their legacy can live on
be strong, you not alone, I can feel it too
there's something going on in the world
but we can make it through

Because as a generation we have more opportunities than any other group of people has ever had on this Earth. So with that being said, we're obligated to do better than our parents, and their parents, and their parents, and so on.... you feel me?

I'm not saying that I will be able to do it but i'm hoping you have the strength to do it. I came from a town, I never had the opportunities that you had. In my enviroment the racism chewed me up but you have this opportunity to do this thing. i never got over that yet, that's the main thing. It's still there. There's a certain amount of discomfort I have and that's wrong. Because I was dehumanized, I was not made to feel like a human. You can't go through life, it's hard enough to get out there and try to make a living. But when you got to get out there and face racism. The situation is similar right now but the thing that you have going for you.. 'cause you have a talent. That's my whole idea and like.. you being a man, you have your goal, you have a goal set, work towards that goal, stick to that goal, and give it your best shop. And another thing watch who you associate with. Bad association can have a bad influence on you. Just pick your friends. So you gonnna have a lot of difficult times but don't let it throw you. You have to get up and keep going. That's what life is, life is pain. Sound good to you?
Track Name: (R)Evolution (Prod. by Ben Bauer)
I need you to believe

I don't want to lie
I just want to be the man i'm suppose to be whenever you say the time is right
I don't want to die
but if that's the only way we can get to the next level then i'll give my life
I think we can fly
we can do anything if we put our mind to it we can reach the sky
people wonder why
i'm always working so hard 'cause it's bigger than music
it's about you and I
It's about the tribe, 'bout the people
the messiah need a sequel
come talk with me, I can teach you
have your mind so cerebral, huh
open up your mind, wtf you thinking 'bout
we living in different times this the shit you read about
in the bible but this one's called survival
learn from the past shit if we got to then get tribal
better start finding your soul 'cause i'm telling you
this the time you need, no blood in vain if you bleeding
people you better believe it
this that

Revolution, Evolution, Wallahee

My number 1 goal is to lead ths world to a pot of gold
I ain't talking 'bout money man i'm talkin 'bout your soul
Now you know where you can go if you follow your heart
Listen to the God in you people this your start
don't stop, keep running, keep running, keep running
running x8 Go
Like you never ran before
this old world is chasing you
time for a new world man that shit is overdue
i'm just trying to tell the truth
i'm just trying to make it through
i'm just trying to change your whole life when i'm in this booth
hopefully i'm getting through
into you and you and you
It matters I promise everything you say and what you do, yea
People we got the power
to make a change wallahee I evolve every hour
now or never it's your choice
to live your life in vain or make the Earth rejoice
it's on you, this is true you gotta be real
before you know where you can go you gotta be still
so what i'm saying is people gotta learn to feel
and when they do you can find anything in you
Navy Seal, this is that


I come in peace, Christians.
I come in peace, Muslims.
I come in peace, Jews.
I come in peace, 5%'s
I come in peace, Masons.
I come in peace, illuminati.
I come in peace, for the whole world.
Track Name: Cannibal ft. Truth & RawT (Prod. by Asa B)
Fuck these niggas. These niggas ain't shit. They didn't put in half the work you put in. I see nothing but bait. Any nigga in your path from this day on, you eat his ass alive.

Watch you words when you talk about me
niggas hope for the worse but they could never doubt me
'cause they know what they don't got, I got
the pressure's on and you pop
homie you jump in the air and you flop
nigga I keep going going, you stop
you got that envy up in yo bones nigga
I know you do
everytime I p-p-perform these songs nigga
I see it in you
what should I do, huh, should I try to stay humble
maybe just try to stick to myself
I was doing that anyway all day
and damn niggas still wanna fuck with me but
fuck it nigga this the shoes that i'm in
everybody wanna know what's happening
in my heart and in my soul
'cause I keep secrets only God knows
yup, recognize Sun King bitch
i'm a leader bitch on my Brady shit
quarterback the whole team get them to the goal
make the industry money, i'm the favorite, uh
Jah protect them, I don't really wanna go off
but I will
Man this feeling I hate to feel
wouldn't be the first time I had to kill bill
put em on a plate, ima eat em up
cannibal nigga nigga I don't give a fuck
Jealous ass niggas in here talking tough
Give me the mic ima shut them up

Truth: Pass me his heart
RawT: Take this shit MF
Truth: Pass me his soul
RawT: eating all these MF rappers and shit
Truth: His brain is delicious

Ima God to these niggas
ima problem for niggas
ima MF symbol eye of Ra on these niggas
Yo fans thought you were something until you saw me
I'm that life changing, life saving, Keon Supreme
I got nightmares of killing and dreams of healing
Gotta go through so much and this is just the beginning
but I trained for this, craziness
Read just about every book I could
so in war time i'm confident
matter fact I wish a nigga would fuck with us
that's dangerous, hold up are you stupid
what you thinkin?
I was gon let you come in the game and try to make a name while my shit here stinkin
oh no no no thats not the way this story goes
listen to the words and I hope you know
I got the power to take your soul

I'm a cannibal so feed me all these rappers
One eye on the triangle, I just became a master

Man, i'm fuckin hungry my ribs touchin
so what is you talking 'bout
saying we ain't got no food nigga what
hold up, we got you
grab this nigga, chop his ass up
put him a pot, b-boil him up
put him on a plate, I create, watch how I do
hmmm human stew
I was put on this earth to bring change
change the whole world not not to bring pain
so God what do I do when the politics of the game
got me going insane
should I just sit here and let em take shots
do me like Jesus nail me on a fuckin cross
or should I stand up, man up, go to war
prove to the whole world WTF i'm fighting for
Man I'm just tryna set yall free
live life right and you mad at me
all because i'm living my destiny
I am who i'm supposed to be, yea
I got a MF passion for christ
so I promise I ain't going out like my nigga
you can try to kill me pull them triggas
but I live forever my name remember

I'm coming for you, we coming for you
It's in your blood nigga. Since birth. Since we was in the same car crash as our momma's was pregnant. We worked out together. You deserve this, I deserve this. MVP nigga. They gon envy we. They can't stop us. We at the point of no return. You a Hall. This a dynasty, you a king.
Track Name: Monster's Ball (Prod. by Ben Bauer)
Get up, get dressed, you and your girls are going out tonight

Uh, looking good, as you should
tonight is the night yo ex man gon wish he would
have kept you oh but he didn't
now you and your girls is out screaming good riddance
yeah, he should have listened
if he did you wouldn't be gone
bet that nigga all alone while you screaming
This my song
This one's for all the girls who've had their heart broken
by their sponsors now they turning into monsters
yeah eat him up, act like you don't give a fuck
show him that you had enough
tell him that he pressed his luck
who the hell he think he was
treated you like a regular bitch
all up in his own world, so damn selfish
I know 'cause I was him but not no more
ladies be free as a bird, wanna see you soar
this is your world this is your night
be free, live it right

Monsters Ball
You got something going for you

You got it, uh uh, you got it
you was looking for some love and i'm thinking that you found it in me
do you like what you see
baby i'm an alchemist, I can turn you into gold
in less than 3
seconds take away all you aching just with a conversation
imagine what my sex game could do
heal you, feel you, I understand your pain
but baby you all alone so you need to stand the rain
by yourself
you don't need no help, stand up on your own two
if you look inside yourself you can find the queen in you
first thing that you need to do, stop accepting bullshit
put some value on your soul and you need to mean it
girl you're royalty you need to live it
but I don't want to preach
Just want you to reach
To the top and get there
'cause thats were you belong


Move your hips baby, bounce that ass girl
hypnotize me 'cause i'm watch you, yea
you got a style of your own, little girl grown
make a nigga wanna say I do
and yes I do wanna feel up on you
maybe wanna lick up on you
what is that you sippin on
would you like some more patron
drink it up, baby I can't get enough of
your potential and what you could possibly be
I got a thing for greatness and in you I see
a seed that if watered can become a beautiful tree
the power is in you, yes it's all in you
and now that you know about it baby what you gon do

Track Name: Wendy (Prod. by Ben Bauer)
Hey, so, you've been going in and out of my life for a while now. And I was thinking that maybe, maybe, you should just stay. I mean only God knows what's going to happen between you and I but honestly I want to see for myself. But I can't do that if you keep disappearing on me, you know what I'm saying. I mean, it's like, you here one day and then you gone the next. Man, you remind me of something.. Just like the wind.

Damn, you caught me off guard
I'm liking what i'm seeing 'cause i'm looking at a star
all I wanna know is where the hell have you been
here one day then you gone like the wind
but I guess I like that about you
been a crazy year don't know what I'd do without you
smiles on my face when I see your phone call
my heart skips a beat, you got me feeling raw
but we can never grow if we always disappear
but that interfere with game i'm spittin in your ear
baby come here, we gettin kind of closer
you don't gotta front i'm in the back like Rosa
parked in your mind, you lookin kind of fine
baby give me some time and we'll be fine like wine
Girl it's not a crime, and I don't want to play
you like a warm summer breeze on a cold winter day
I say

(Just like the Wind girl, Just like the wind)
I just wanna see, what's it like with the wind blowing on me
What's it gon be, i'm loving this feeling when you blowing on me

Girl, I got a feeling
I can change your whole world if you let me fill in, you filling
Girl, I'm just kidding
or maybe i'm not but that's depending if you willing
to let me get up in it
people wanna know what's happening cuz im winning
but yo i'm just chillin, waiting for wind girl to disappear again
gotta watch my step cuz I think i'm kind of feeling you
Granddad warn me how women like you do
Smiling in your face, g-girl I got you hypnotized
lookin in my eyes and i'm hypnotized too
been a while girl, see you gettin thick in them hips
and them dips and its bliss on yo lips when we kiss
and when we had that kiss, thats when we stopped
smart choice now is not the time maybe when it's hot

Track Name: Marina ft. Valerie Velarde (Prod. by Bleezy Beats)
Something in the way that you move
You are like a dream come true
Something in the way that you move
Looks like you got something to prove

Water got a hold on me
every time I listen to her waves she consoling me
controlling me, the element I need
wash away my pain baby I need you to breathe
understand that I'm a man, I make mistakes
but promise I'll get it together girl if you just wait
I'm standing tall trying to be the best that I can
waiting for the day I can be captain of your sea, again


I see you living free, exactly what I want you to do
It's never over
I need a good by my side and thats exactly what you need to prove
by yourself
I hope you find what you think is missing
told you find God and I really hope you listen
I wish you all the best of success
hoping I can still reside in your chest
Because theres


Been a while since I went swimming
In the future missing the beginning
damn things change, we all grown up
and now i'm feeling like I don't know you, that's tough
but that's life, hopefully we meet again when the time is right
Until then do you and ima do me
and maybe we can do each other one more night
because theres

Track Name: I'm Not Perfect (Prod. by Ben Bauer)
It's time to listen
not to me but to the voice inside saying
"you can do better" we can change this world together
this is just an open letter to the people that are like me
staring at the task ahead failure is unlikely
it's like we, came from the same womb
under the same weather we affected by the same gloom
assuming the position that was given
we didn't fit in the beat so we changed the whole rhythm
this is the beginning of your mental evolution
becoming a better person thats a human revolution
I see you
Welcome to a new society of men and women
who living to be the best that they can be
It's real
changing yourself isn't easy but it can be done
when you do just imagine what you might see, yea

A perfect world is impossible
and thats the whole genius of this God damn obsticle
we'll always have something to work towards, strive for
you've been lied to
you don't gotta look out, the power is inside you
know you hear it in my voice, recognize my energy
idk just where to go but I promise I will eventually
This just ain't no shit to me
promise everything I say is real
from track 1 to this 1
everything said I really feel
I really believe this shit, I really think this is it
This one is for the books believing is all it took
I know it's kind of scary but please don't be shook
keep your eyes on the prize don't be afraid to look
to the man, who's following his dreams
they don't understand, how you can
so don't be mad at me when I get it I ain't no dummy
I'm just tryna be who I am, don't take it from me
i'm just tryna be a great man, don't fucking judge me
'cause i'm just tryna be a great man but...
I'm not perfect.